Hi, I'm Mandy


My mission is to help you unlock your path to freedom, setting you free from the past so that you can step into the fullest expression of yourself and
lead on your terms.

"Working with Mandy has expanded my business and transformed all aspects of my life, she's a true expander. "

I lead with invested connection and real-deal vulnerability. An innate business builder, I’ll help you visualize the legacy you are meant to create and roll up my sleeves to help you actualize your dreams and desires.

We’ll clarify, define and prioritize the essentials: From vision to business planning, habits and routines, structure, identity, and systems. And in the nitty-gritty of it all, you’ll feel lighter through being truly seen.

It’s time to push past the proverbial, to play bigger, and to dream bigger. To lean into empowered freedom and profitability. To ignite your vitality and liberation. To bypass permission, ditch perfection, and lean into the pitfalls. Let’s move you out from the shadows of doubt, beyond limiting beliefs, and into the magic that is you.


I help visionary leaders and entrepreneurs transform chaos into empowered freedom through mentorship, immersive and transformational experiences, and my proven processes that create fulfillment from within.

As an award winning-entrepreneur, Founder of The Well (formerly ACE), RISE Retreats, It's Date Night Canada, Host of the The Well Podcast, ICF and CCA Certified Business and Success Coach, DISC Certified Facilitator, Executive Coach, and Breathwork Facilitator,  I bring over two decades of leadership, business and wellness experience and wisdom to the table.

It was pounding the entrepreneurial pavement that brought me to my truth:
My greatest win is witnessing yours.






Here's my story:

Here's my story:

This is the short version. 
*When we connect, ask me about the time my husband and I traveled over 2 days to save my business and got kicked out of the Facebook HQ in Silicon Valley. 

My entrepreneurial journey began when I was 7, selling herring and lemonade to the fishermen off the dock off the coast of BC. Fast forward and many hospitality jobs later and you would find me harvesting all those skills into my first real deep dive into entrepreneurship.

It was 2012 and no one believed me that Facebook was going to become more powerful than print ads, so I started an influencer media company before influencers were influencers, and social media was even really a thing.

I turned no’s into yeses and eventually my University school project, It’s Date Night, turned into a multiple six-figure business within it's first year. Over the 10 years, I built this business, I received many awards for community building and was recognized as Start-Up of The Year and Women Entrepreneur of The Year and generated over 500K followers and over 7 Million in revenue.

I created hundreds of events, activations, and connections, that enriched relationships and still do to this day — one couple I introduced at speed dating even got married! 

I made the important decision to bring on a strategic operating partner right as the pandemic began. We acquired several smaller brands, scaling across Canada and competing for market share of the busy influencer space. Our total reach spanned over 500k social media followers and millions of impressions.

Simultaneously, I was building my membership community ( The Well ) for Women Leaders & Entrepreneurs and honing my skills as a mentor; offering mastermind groups, coaching, online courses, conferences, and retreats. This was truly where my heart was and not long after, I found myself stretched too thin for too long and needed to create space for myself to expand. 

I successfully exited It’s Date night for a 6 figure exit to further my mission to help leaders live and lead on their terms through my retreats and coaching and now, find this opening new doors, which is why you are here.  

I have invested  a great deal of my time understanding, simplifying, focusing, and honing my leadership and business development skills — so now I coach, mentor and facilitate transformation for entrepreneurs and their teams to build healthy thriving businesses and cultures. So that they too — can unlock a path to freedom.

Let’s build great things together. 


Executive Coach & Retreat Facilitator 
Transformational Breathwork 
Founder, CEO & Mentor , The Well
[ formerly ACE ]
Founder & CEO, RISE Retreats
Founder & CEO - It’s Date Night Canada
Executive Director - Best of Calgary
Founder & CEO - Branded Magazine

Other Notable Experiences + Titles:

20+ years curating elevated experiences in Hospitality, Leadership and Management
12 + years of building businesses in marketing, media, advertising, and online business earning over 7 million in revenue 
Podcast Host of The Well, Formerly The ACE Talks Podcast - over 50k downloads!
Forum Group & Retreat Facilitator, curating transformative experiences for over 100 multiple 6, 7, and 8 figure business leaders


Executive Coach & Retreat Facilitator 
Transformational Breathwork 
Founder, CEO & Mentor , The Well
[ formerly ACE ]
Founder & CEO - It’s Date Night Canada
Executive Director - Best of Calgary
Founder & CEO - Branded Magazine

Other Notable Experiences + Titles:

Member of EO Calgary 2017-2020
Board Member of EOA 2019-2020
Board Member, CED Start-Up Program 2018-2019
VIP Experience Host - Cult Gathering 2015-2020
EOS Facilitator 2020 - present
DISC Facilitator 2023 - present 
Airbnb SuperHost 2018 - present
Built and produced multiple profitable digital courses


Executive Coach & Retreat Facilitator 
Transformational Breathwork 
Founder, CEO & Mentor , The Well
[ formerly ACE ]
Founder & CEO - It’s Date Night Canada
Executive Director - Best of Calgary
Founder & CEO - Branded Magazine

Other Notable Experiences + Titles:

RESET Transformational Breathwork Facilitator
Dog mom, loving wife, gelato taste tester, and Peloton enthusiast
A student of life - ALL IN!


I built my first business, an influencer marketing company before this was really even a thing earning multiple six figures in it's first two years.


Simultaneously launched a sister media business, a magazine publication and city-wide award series  printing 20k / copies bi-monthly for millennials.


Received an Alberta Innovator Award for Entrepreneurship and Community Building.


Scaled my business across Canada, hosting over 15,000 women at my events and retreats. Received Start Up of The Year & Women Entrepreneur of The Year Award.


Hosted two sold out, transformational retreats ( RISE ) for over 300 women in BC and Alberta.


Panda happened and we pivoted all of our business online and began specializing in Leadership Groups, Masterminds & Programs - launched 12 digital courses.


The year of my awakening. I Invested in Mentorship, Mastermind groups and The Hoffman Process. I learned to release 'hustle' from my middle name and build healthier. 


Successful six figure exit of my first business. Received my ICF & ACC Executive Business & Transformational Breathwork Certificates.


Fractional C-Suite to multiple 8 figure businesses, Re-launched The Well Podcast and my signature WELL Retreats.



less is more


if it's not a f*ck yes it's a no

keep your heart open

own lane
own race
Own pace

Don't let anyone steal your magic

Fun Facts
about My Personality
and Design

I am a Taurus — practical, steady, solid ground, and a great listener, a trust fall. I have an Aquarius moon and Virgo Rising which contribute to my creative and organized persona.

I am a 4/6 Manifestor in Human Design — which means I am here to initiate, bring things to life, and create a legacy. Building community, teaching, and leading are a part of who I am.

I am a D, I in the Disc Assessment [ which I facilitate ] I’m direct, firm, and know how to command presence yet I’m approachable and intuitively understand how to meet people where they’re at.

I am a quick start in the Kolbe assessment — I get shit done and know how to execute and follow through.

My superpower is ingenuity followed by systems thinking — I take complex things and make them simple and practical. I believe above all, there is ALWAYS a way to YES.

My love language is results, well - actually it’s acts of service and words of affirmation. Take something off of my to-do list and tell me I’m doing a good job ;) But I’m all about results.

I am a perceived extrovert yet I need and enjoy a lot of alone time to recharge my batteries. 

As you can tell, I love personality tests, and if we work together we’ll work to build your business and life around your unique zone of genius and strengths… because that’s where the magic happens

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From Chief Everything Officer to Visionary Leader

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This is for you if you are a self-led leader, entrepreneur or seeker who wants intimate and boutique business and life expansion. I'll help you clarify your vision and create an aligned plan to actualize it. You receive direct access to me and my extensive toolkit.

I offer three paths to choose from for my one on one services including a deep dive full day retreat, 4-month intensive or 6-12 month mentorship.

Executive Coaching
& Facilitation

Looking for a way to improve the health and performance of your team and business? Look no further than my proven system for facilitating growth, optimizing leadership skills and increasing the efficiency of your team.

With extensive experience in facilitation and the Entrepreneurial Operating System EOS®, DISC®, Dare to Lead and Scaling Up® Methods, I am well equipped to provide you with practical tools and techniques that can help you strengthen your culture, facilitate next-level alignment, deliver greater clarity, and scale sustainably.

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If you're ready to lead and live on your terms, this year-long, intimate group experience offers a safe space for heart-driven visionaries and leaders to expand your business, life and leadership alongside a group of like-minded women. 
This experience offers monthly calls, in person quarterlies and, an annual deep dive retreat in Okanagan, BC.