There Are Three 
Paths to Choose From 

Executive Coaching & Facilitation  |  Groups & Retreats |  Private Mentorship 

our expertise:

We help badass female creative entreprenuers uncover their purpose and find their passion.

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Executive Coaching
& Team Facilitation 

For companies and executives looking to improve
the health and performance of your team
and business results.


Straight talk,
actual strategy,
sage wisdom,
your superpowers.

what you won't:

bandaid fixes,
ra-ra cheerleading,
that hustle game.

client results:

Since working with Mandy, I'm having way more fun! Having someone by my side to discuss, debate, ideate has made my business more enjoyable. I'm getting more done. I'm winning more. I'm living my life with a renewed sense of freedom and only giving my f*cks to those things that deserve them.


I'm having my best revenue year in business and, I am working way less! Mandy's processes have unlocked so much more ease for me in business, and I love having her in my corner.

Cheryl Sanguinetti, Sanguinetti Mortgages

Working with Mandy is different, she has an integrated approach which is not only transformative in a business sense, it has served to transform all aspects of my life. Mandy is uniquely gifted in her intuitive approach and I feel she understands me not only as an entrepreneur but as a person capable of more than I could ever imagine. I really value the fact that Mandy has walked the walk and she understands the impact of failure and success and how we can learn and grow from both.

Allissa Blondin, The Feathered Pen

Self-Directed Courses & Programs

If you're into self-study, I offer a complete course suite with tools and resources to boost your business, financials, and productivity. Whether it's time mastery in the Time Rich program or financial healing in Love Your Money or The Well Planned Quarter, these programs are designed to take your business and leadership skills to the next level!


Matt went from this unfortunate situation to this amazing one after this service I offer.

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REady to make  moves?

I work with clients by application and alignment, submit an application so that I can see if we're a fit and direct you to the best path forward for you in this season.

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