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My mission is simple.


In a world that's constantly moving, feeling stuck can feel like a personal failure. But what if it's really a sign? A sign that you're ready for growth, for a shift, for a journey back to purpose, joy, and connection.

That's where I come in.

I work with high-achieving leaders, entrepreneurs and seekers to experience more joy, presence and freedom in their life without burning out on doing 'more'.

I offer personalized support, in person retreats and experiences, virtual and voice only coaching so that even the most on-the go leaders have the support they need to thrive in life, business and relationships. 


success stories


"Working with Mandy is different, she has an integrated approach which is not only transformative in a business sense, it has served to transform all aspects of my life.

Mandy is uniquely gifted in her intuitive approach and I feel she understands me not only as an entrepreneur but as a person capable of more than I could ever imagine. I really value the fact that Mandy has walked the walk and she understands the impact of failure and success and how we can learn and grow from both."

Dave Wilder

"Working with Mandy 
everything feels lighter."

"Since working with Mandy, I see a clear path and, I'm having way more fun. Having someone by my side to discuss, debate, and ideate has made business and life more enjoyable. I'm getting more done. I'm winning more. I'm living my life with a renewed sense of freedom and only giving my f*cks to those things that deserve them. "

my process and how we work together


client love

“I have let go of the heavy load I had been carrying emotionally from past experiences which have allowed me to freely step into my gifts and greatness. I feel like a new person.” 

"I have more time for family I always get to pick up my kids. My new focused approach has allowed me to pursue new opportunities ( and revenue streams ) I didn’t think were possible. “

"I'm having my best revenue year in business and, I am working way less! Mandy's processes have unlocked so much more ease for me in business, and I love having her in my corner. "

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"Mandy has helped to give us our time back. We work on things we love and look forward to. She genuinely cares, and is supportive. Mandy is a great partner in your corner, not just a coach." 

Clarity and Purpose:

Renewed Energy and Passion:

Continuous Support:


Whether it's 6 weeks or 12 months, you'll have me in your corner, championing your growth and offering the support you need to thrive.

Say goodbye to the feeling of being stuck. Welcome a life filled with energy, passion, and excitement for the future.

Move from confusion to clarity, uncovering a purpose that lights you up. 


12-Week Reset For those ready to dive in and make immediate changes. This intensive program is designed to quickly move you from feeling lost to living with intention and purpose. Perfect for those who want a rapid transformation with impactful results.

Prefer a more gradual approach? Our extended 6-Month to year-long programs offer the same path to rediscovery, with the added benefit of deeper integration and continuous support. Ideal for those seeking to profoundly explore and cement their journey to purpose, fulfillment, freedom and connection.

Personalized Approach

Personalized Approach: Every journey is unique. Whether it's a 12 -week refresh or a year-long transformative expedition, your program is tailored to meet you right where you are.



my process and why work with me...


Deep Dive to Your True Self 

Our work together goes beyond surface-level solutions. We uncover the roots of what's holding you back, unlocking the doors to your fullest potential.




Sustainable Change

This isn't about quick fixes. It's about building a foundation for lasting change, equipping you with the tools to continue growing long after our sessions end.



My greatest win is in witnessing yours. 

In the nitty-gritty of it all, you’ll feel lighter through being truly seen.

Mandy is a seasoned Founder, CEO, Community Builder and Executive Coach passionate about the human side of business. She's pioneered many ventures, founding and exiting a marketing agency, building conferences and community and, guiding more than 15,000 women in leadership to become their best selves.

She was searching for a space like this after her toughest season, the loss of a business and, the loss of her father. She found it challenging to be real with the people in her current circle, so she created what she was longing for. In 2017 she created a brunch experience that sparked a movement across Canada that impacted thousands of women.

In 2021, she reached a breaking point that brought her to a breakdown that changed it all. After hitting rock bottom, she reclaimed her life, wrote a book and took a sharp right turn with her business. Her vision expanded and her niche narrowed, dedicating herself to helping other high-achieving professionals overcome burnout and live their purpose.

Today, through her coaching, podcast and community Mandy is shaping a new way —where you get to choose well-being, truth, re-writing the narrative on what 'success' and fulfillment really mean. 

Her work represents the intersection between personal evolution and business success. Mandy and her team of Expert Facilitators guide those who are committed to becoming their best self through exploring childhood experiences, energetics and boundary work to heal conditioned and habitual patterns that are impacting your work, relationship to yourself and life, to build strategies for freedom and fulfillment that are aligned with your most expressed, authentic self. Mandy offers a proven path to awakening and, shoulder to shoulder support. 

Read more about my story at mandybalak.com/about.

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