The Gift of Foregiveness

Hello. Hello, beautiful friend. Thank you for tuning in today. I am actually, I normally say I’m excited to sit down and record conversations, but today I was a little nervous to sit down and record conversations because I got. A nudge that there’s something that I wrote really loved to share with you. And […]

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Claim and Lead Your Space with Tanya Puka

Tanya, I’m so excited that you’re here. I’m really excited to have this conversation. I, so for everyone listening, Tanya and I are very dear friends. We have known each other through multiple lifetimes at this point which we’ll talk more about, but I am going to have to continue to anchor myself back in, […]

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Vision Alignment & Half Year Reflections

Hello, my beautiful friends. I hope you are feeling good, feeling great. We are halfway through the year. Holy. As I sit down to record this is June 29th, and if you’re listening in real time, then you are, you’re with me on this halfway point reset. And if you’re finding this podcast any other […]

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5 Feel-Good Rituals That Every CEO Should Know

Being a leader is the ultimate personal growth journey — leading people means more relationships and more relationships mean more mirrors. That’s why it’s so important as a leader you keep your cup full, prioritize time for yourself, and continue to invest in your growth and development.

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Refueling Your Energy Tank

Our ambition and drive can be both our greatest asset and our biggest downfall if we don’t take the time to manage our energy wisely.


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