November 24, 2023

Vision Alignment & Half Year Reflections

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Vision Alignment & Half Year Reflections

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Hello, my beautiful friends. I hope you are feeling good, feeling great. We are halfway through the year. Holy. As I sit down to record this is June 29th, and if you’re listening in real time, then you are, you’re with me on this halfway point reset. And if you’re finding this podcast any other time, this also can be a really great listen to anchor you back in, into your vision at any time. I think we always have a I really believe that we always have a reset available to us. We can start over at any time. Whether it’s the beginning of the year, whether it’s December 30th, whether it’s, 1159 at night, or it’s a brand new day, you always have a reset in your hands.

It just comes down to choice. So I wanna invite you to take a deep breath. And just to feel into the conversation today, where we’re gonna go, may activate your heart, may activate your intuition, your body, your mind, and it’s really intended. I’m sitting down with this intention to. Help you calibrate, to help you reflect, to help you celebrate yourself, to help you audit a little bit, and just to really look at everything that you have already worked through, moved through, created, and show some appreciation for that for this first half of the year, and then also create some momentum and create some direction that feels really good for you for the second half of the year.

So here we are. Let’s go in. Take a moment to reflect. Do you remember who you were at the beginning of 2023? Do you remember the theme that you planted, the intention that you planted, the declarations that you made, the things that you said were important? Do you remember what that was?

Take a moment to come back to that. We all have it, right? If you’re listening to this podcast, you probably like to make some shit happen. But what was that de declaration that you set for yourself? You declared it, right? This is the year that I…. what was the thing? What was, maybe there was a vision that you had. Maybe there was something that you wanted to bring back. Maybe it was your art. Maybe it was speaking on a stage. Maybe it was your health. Maybe it was your relationships, your happiness, your sense of purpose, your finances, your wealth, your spiritual connection.

What was the thing that you said was really important to you and reflect on that. Where are we at? How have we done as far as a sense of progress or commitment to it? Have we really fully given ourselves to that commitment? And I’m gonna ask you some questions and this reflection is just meant to create awareness and to create a reset.

It’s not meant to. Shame anyone or for you to be hard on yourself. So let’s take that off the table right now and let’s do this exercise through the lens of curiosity. Curiosity. Isn’t that interesting? I haven’t taken any steps forward. Isn’t that interesting? There is information. In your progress, there’s information there for us and either, maybe the vision that you set, maybe it’s an old vision that needs reworking.

Maybe it’s from an old playbook, it’s from the old version of you that set that vision. Or maybe there are some things in your way, some beliefs in your way, some doubts in your way, some obstacles in your way that we get to dig up, uncover and upgrade those beliefs so that you can take. Some steps forward.

Maybe that’s it. Maybe things have been so busy, maybe you’ve been prioritizing everyone else’s needs and yours. Your needs have been on the bottom of the to-do list. So let’s just listen to this through the lens of curiosity. Let’s do this reflection through the lens of curiosity, and let’s look for some information, and then that awareness that we’re creating from this can help us make a new choice.

Okay. I set I’ll, I like to expose myself. I love to expose myself. I think the, it’s the gathering place over truth. So who would I be if I didn’t speak my truth here? I’ll take you back to the beginning of January for myself, and I am currently asking this question in all of my groups, all of my masterminds, my community with my private clients, and I have an exercise that I take everyone through that’s in my world that does the year-long journey with me. Where we start the year with a vision for one year from today. And the vision and the exercise is really powerful because it’s a, it’s an act as if vision, right? Acting as if it’s already done.

Acting as if we’ve already claimed it to be true. Acting as if we’ve already sparked the match, taken the action celebrated. And the question I always ask is, if we’re celebrating at the end of the year, pop in the kobocha, having a latte, having some Prosecco, whatever your jam is.

If we’re celebrating at the end of the year and you’re looking back and you’re telling me this was the best year yet, what are you saying? What did you fill it with? And so I love this exercise cuz it can create a lot of clarity on priorities and how we define success. And I, if I know anything about the last few years is that many of us have redefined what success looks like and some of us haven’t quite.

Updated the playbook. And so there might be some shifts or resistance or things might be, feel a little bit out of alignment if that’s the case. And so this is a great calibrator. So I wrote my one year from today at the beginning of my journal that I’ve been writing in all year. And it’s on the first page.

And so that first page is it includes my commitments for the year, my, my word for the year. I pulled a card on January one when I wrote this, and so that is here as well. The card that I pulled, I had one of my favorite decks from. The wilderness deck. And so the card I pulled was the skunk, it’s full of animals.

And the skunks message for me in the beginning of the year was this was the year about self-respect, confidence, owning your own pace, setting boundaries. Own pace. Own lane. And that was definitely the vibe that I set at the beginning of this year. So this exercise, this is what I’m asking my community to do, is come back and calibrate and if you haven’t done an exercise like this, then it’s.

A perfect time to do it. I’ll include a link below in the show notes for you to set the vision for your halftime the vision you’re holding for the next six months is, and so in review of my one year from today, I realized that. I’ve actually, there’s been a lot of really great things. There’s a lot of really beautiful momentum that I’ve created, and one of the big trends that I see in my one year from today is my presence is my success.

My presence is my success. I say this over and over again. There’s things that I say I’m connected to my body. I move with ease. I have taken a vacation per quarter. I take a solo day per month to digest. I’ve stabilized, I’ve invested. These are the words. This is the language in here. I’m consistently prioritizing my creativity.

I feel at peace. I’ve done it my way. I’m playing in my genius. I’ve delegated, stopped doing draining tasks. I feel supported. Oh, check the box here. I’ve launched and I’ve launched the here we go. So that’s good. So there’s lots of things on here, and this statement is one thing that really jumps out at me. 2023 is the year that I make art again. It’s safe now for me to take the next step and full end, the next level in my career. It’s safe for me to trust myself again. It’s the year I’m going to have fun again. It’s the year I’m gonna have fun again. So how am I doing on that? I could do better.

I’ve definitely prioritized fun. There’s definitely more joy in my life. I’m definitely doing what I’m really loving is that consistent solo day per month to digest and integrate. That’s working really well. Making art again, I feel like. When I really look at what is my art? My work is my art.

My words, my voice is my art. So this to me is art. Writing. I am working with a structural editor on my manuscript right now for my book. So that is art. I’ve done and incorporated some more creativity with my hands, painting, things like that with my community, and that’s been really fun. And I would really love to do more.

There’s something that says on my commitments for 23, it says, less time on zoom and screens, and more time in nature, more time walking. Getting into Nature Daily, I do my walk, but I really, I need more nature for sure. So this is a really good recalibration for me, and it is great to see this and I’m now able to make some edits to my calendar and my choices and really, choices.

Our life is as good as our choices. So what choices are we making? So those were a couple of things from mine. And then there’s also some things in here it says, I, my commitment for 2023 is to speak and live my truth, to speak and live my truth, and I’m gonna give myself like a high fricking five for doing that.

And that hasn’t always been easy for me, but I have really prioritized. That speaking and living my truth. And I think there’s one thing for, acknowledging what is your truth. It’s another thing to speak it. And it’s another thing to live it and to communicate needs and to ask for what you need in order to live your truth.

There’s been a lot of courageous conversations for me over the last year or so in regards to this, but. I feel like this is a really big one and something that I really wanna celebrate about myself, and it’s still a work in progress. And I also know that there are some layers that are going to be coming to the surface right now about a few different shifts and changes that I’m making in alignment with my truth.

I did a I did a. On my birthday recently, in May, I did a numerology reading with Jessica Serrato. She is a wonderful human. She is a client of mine. She’s in one of my groups. She’s a member of my community and she is just such a light.

I love her work and it’s really powerful. And I did a reading with her back in May, cause I always do like a full life audit. And what I loved about my reading with her is that she called me on a couple things to be honest, and something that, you know, when you know something’s there, but you can’t quite put your finger on it.

You’re like, something feels a little bit off. But I don’t know what it is. Jess says, I feel like there’s some something that you’re not making a decision on and you need to make a decision on it. And so I was like, oh my gosh, you see me? And I figured out what the decision was and I realized that it’s something that I have been sitting on for a couple of years and I haven’t I’ve been sitting in indecision and I recognized how much of an energy drain that has actually been for me.

Now I’m gonna reveal what that decision is in the next couple of podcasts. Not quite ready to reveal that to you yet, because I’m still working through it. But what was really powerful about. That reflection piece from her is, she really guided me to maybe you could take some pressure off of yourself, go on a little bit of a hiatus for making the decision, and then set yourself a by when in the future.

And setting yourself that by when is gonna give you some flexibility in the short term to take the pressure off like this way or that way and get quiet. Your intuition is gonna know, and then you can make a decision from there. So I did. I set myself A by when and I knew. I knew. I knew. As soon as I did that, I was like, oh, and in my reflection of that, Sometimes in taking that pause and giving ourselves that space and letting the pressure go a little bit, we actually can just listen to our own intuition and listen to our own truth a little bit greater.

And we often think that our intuition is going to speak louder. We often think our intuition is gonna speak louder, but really we need to get quieter. We need to get quieter in order to hear her. Or him. But for me, that’s what I really needed to do, is I needed to go on a little bit of a hiatus. I needed to take the, put the book down, put the podcast away, put the audio books down, and I recognized that indecision was causing a big tug on my heart.

And a big energy drain back and forth and back and forth. It’s like a ping pong match in my mind. Should I go this way or should I go this way? And I wanted to share this with you because I sense that there are a few of us in this community that might be pinging and ponging on a decision or a path or a choice, and I totally get that.

I totally get that, and I think that one of the best things that I really, I did for myself was truly loosen my grip and give myself some space. To listen, to really listen and to really challenge myself, not asking myself the question what could I do of this? There’s all these opportunities, there’s all this potential.

But really asking myself like, what do I want? What do I know is right for me? So if that feels true for you, maybe you can also take a hiatus and then set yourself a little by when, let yourself enjoy some summer without pushing a decision too quickly. And listen listen. So that’s it for my personal share right now.

I’m gonna dive into what I wanted to talk about today, and that really is. Your commitment to your vision, commitment to yourself. How committed are you to what you want? What is the vision that you have for your life? What does a perfect day look like? What does it look like, to live your best life?

What does your health look like? What do your finances look like? What does your sense of happiness look like? Your connection to your community, your relationships. How, what kind of work are you doing? What is that? And we can really only create progress from a place of awareness on what our current reality is, right?

So what’s real right now? Are you happy with how things are going? Are you feeling the way that you wanna feel? Are you doing work that you wanna be doing? What might be in your way? And what is in your control. And when we do that audit, we get to look at everything and say What would need to be true for this to feel better?

What would need to be true to be more in my truth, what would need to be true to be doing work that I wanna be doing and what might be in your way and what’s in your control is really powerful because we can take our power back from things that might be happening outside of us and just stay in the stay in our own power of what we can do, and what we can shift on our own.

So I think that the audit is really powerful and then setting the direction forward. So when you set the direction forward, taking the time to think about, the vision I’m holding for the next six months is six. Success in this season feels like the pace I am choosing is, and who am I being in the pursuit and don’t worry if you’re trying to write those down. I’m gonna put them in the show notes for you. I’ll put a little link for some journal prompts for you below. But what, reflecting and then setting that direction, I think is really powerful. And I’m not so much about goals, honestly. I’m probably, there’s probably a hundred episodes that I’ve talked a lot about goals back in our previous, my previous life.

If you have been following along on the podcast for a while and you’ve listened to Ace. Talks or your next level different iterations and different seasons. But sure, goals are great, but your goals need to be rooted in your truth and your truth is rooted in the vision that you have for your life.

And at the beginning of the year, I wrote in my journal this, fuck goals, I have a vision for my life. And I have a whole bunch of ideas about what strategies and goals and paths might feel good to pursue, to actualize that vision. And I reserve the right to edit, to optimize and change my mind if and when they don’t feel good.

So here we are, we’re at the halfway point and it’s the perfect time to edit. And for me personally, I’ve been using a lot of white out lately, a lot of white out lately. And in reviewing the one year from today vision, I’ve realized there’s a few things that old me put on there feeling resistant on it.

Maybe not mine anymore. And I’m hearing this at the table a lot. A lot of my women’s groups, a lot of my community is like, But I don’t want that anymore. Do I want that? Do I want that? I think a lot of us are editing the playbook, and this is a great opportunity to really get honest with yourself if things aren’t feeling the way that you want them to feel.

Is it possible that you’re faking your conviction? Are you possible? Is it possible that you are faking being alive about something? Is there something that you say you want but you haven’t taken any steps forward on? Is there something that you keep showing up and doing because you’re good at it or because everyone expects you to do it or because you’ve always done it, but you’re meh.

I don’t really feel it. Feel maybe, and I know this is really true for a lot of us, it’s Life returned to normal and everything was supposed to be normal. So then old goals, old dreams, pulled off the 2019 shelf, pulled outta the playbook, but they don’t feel good anymore.

Faking. It doesn’t do any favors for anybody. So I think it’s so important to get clear, are you faking it? Are you faking showing up when your heart’s not really in it? I think halfheartedness is something to really be mindful of. When in life like Halfheartedness, and I think when we are living wholeheartedly and we’re choosing our truth, that’s when we can find real fulfillment.

And in this world that we live in right now, we are so overly connected and yet so disconnected and unfulfilled, so connected, never been more connected, all the apps, all the places, but so disconnected and. So my invitation is for you to get really honest, and you might have something that’s popped up right now as we’re sharing this about maybe I am faking it.

What can you do about that? One of the women in my groups this past week, she shared, you know how crazy it is? How crazy, how fast things start to move when you shift back into alignment. Like when you clear things out of the way. Back to my example of like my numerology when I was like, oh, I’m not making this decision.

I’m in this ping pong match. One of the women in my groups Kayla she had to make some big choices. She had to shift some partnerships. She had to change how her business was operating, how she was leading her team. And all of those were really big choices that she had said, I’m actually faking it.

I’m faking it. This isn’t working, and I am tolerating this and I’m done. I need to shift. And she made some big shifts. And you know what? Things started moving like crazy. Momentum started to build and when she said it to me, she’s it’s so crazy how fast things move when you get into alignment.

It is so true. It’s so true. We often stay in that resistance cuz we are comfortable. And the mind does crazy things. It’ll keep us in places that we don’t even like being, or we’re not even happy being because that feels safe and that feels comfortable. So notice that. Notice that. Allow yourself to get a little uncomfortable, have faith, have courage, and let yourself take that little leap when you love and trust in who you are. You get to move faster. When you love what you do, you move faster. If we have lost sight of the mission, if we’ve fallen outta love with ourselves, if we’ve lost trust with ourselves because we’re not keeping these little commitments, momentum fades. Or if we put on the shelf and forgot, what the most devoted version of ourselves looked like, things pause.

Things go a little slower and we stall. So the gut check is what’s important to you. And when was the last time you fully immersed yourself in that passion? When was the last time you fully immersed yourself in that passion? This weekend, I am going hiking with a girlfriend, spending a whole day in the mountains, and I have gotten a bunch of my art supplies back out of the closet, onto the kitchen table, so that I literally have to walk by them every day.

And that is the reminder, like this was the year you said you were prioritizing your art. When’s the last time you immersed yourself in it? So spend the time prioritize it. There is a rule that the one in 60 rule, and this is something that pilots follow, and the rule is that if a plane is off, even one degree off, If a plane is one degree off course, it actually leads to being 60 miles off course.

So for every one degree, a plane is off, it goes 60 miles further away from the destination. And then the opposite of that is if you adjust the plane by one degree. You get 60 miles closer to the destination, right? So course correct. Edit ruthlessly, stay consistent with that. The alignment piece, alignment alignment.

I hear this word a lot about alignment and sometimes I hear alignment used through the lens of, once everything is aligned, Things will feel good, but that feels limiting to me because, and I’ve been challenging language so much over the last couple of years, but alignment is like all these conditions, like everything needs to be in aligned and then we feel good and we can be happy.

But what I actually think, a I, what I actually believe in more is truth. And when we are aligned with our truth, that’s when things move faster. So it’s not about Everything needs to be in perfect order. But are we connected with our truth and what’s really matters to us? And are we living it? So what does that look like for you?

Maybe we need to rip up an old playbook. Maybe there’s no roadmap for where you wanna go, and maybe we just get to trust ourselves and trust that voice inside of us that we are creating our own path. So I’ve spent the last few weeks, it’s the last month of the quarter, which means I’ve spent the last few weeks with the teams and entrepreneurs and business owners and leaders that I work with to set the stage for the second half of the year and to do quarterly planning and strategic planning.

And I work with a lot of different entrepreneurs at different levels and businesses at different levels. And the same question is always true in the room, whatever room that I’m in to do this work. When we’re talking about vision and objectives and big picture and what are the moves and what are the choices that we’re creating, And the question is, you know what’s in our way and we have to put equal weight on what we want.

And then also bringing light to what are the obstacles we’re gonna face? What are the barriers in our way? What are the barriers that we see? And a lot of the barriers, of course there’s things happening in the external environment. There’s a lot of shifts and changes of course out outside of us.

But also within us, what are the things that are in our way inside of us and. Some of those, some of our shadows can get in the way. Some of our, the mind traps can take over and they can also really get in our way. And so I wanted to have a conversation within this. Episode today about some of the core fears that can hold the body back and hold the voice back from being fully expressed, and the mind takes over and tries to control.

And so when we bring light to these shadows, when we bring light to this and create awareness on it, We can actually use these shadows to transform them into in, into our light. And so we have to pay attention to both what we want and also what’s in our way so that we can create a really great plan for ourselves and set ourselves up for success.

And potentially we also need to just, create some awareness around. Some of these things that maybe we’ve let the mind take over and then take our power back. And one of the things like, we can’t think our way through these. We have to feel our way through those. And the body is really going to be the portal to break through some of these beliefs through breath work, through movement, through intentionally getting quiet, through really feeling into Some of these reflections, so some of the common mind traps, and then what we can do about it.

So some of the common mind traps that can hold ourselves back and hold the voice back from being fully expressed are fear of judgment, perfection and failure. Fear. Fear of failure, and fear of success. So fear of judgment and. Listen to this through the lens of, where are you not taking action?

Where are you not living your truth? And could any of these things be in the way? Could any of these mind traps be in the way? Fear of judgment. What is fear of judgment? This is, we all have experiences and some of these experiences happened when we were adults. Some of these experiences happened when we were children.

Some of these experiences. Are holding us back in the present moment because we haven’t reconciled with them from the past. But this is a core human. This is a core human. Fear is fear of judgment, fear of looking bad. What will people say about me? What will people think about me? And then that inner voice sounds who do you think you are?

You know what, if no one comes, anyone have the rejection wound like I do. Where it’s like the kids on the playground or in the cafeteria, like there was no one to sit with that can really hold us back in our day-to-day today. And so we have to get clear like what is that judgment voice sounding like in us and how is that impacting ourselves?

In taking action and living in alignment with our truth, if we are letting judgment take over, it doesn’t allow you to fully merge and align with the expansiveness and possibility that you are creating for yourself. And potentially if judge you’re experiencing judgment on the inside, in your own inner world, is it possible that you might be also contributing to judging others, or you are feeling yourself comparing or having this like really subtle, low key competition with someone because you’re seeing them live their truth or live a path that you wanna be on.

And that’s causing you to stir things up inside of you. Something I see, with some of my clients when we’re talking about being triggered by others or seeing others, and when you are triggered, that is actually an indication that you are seeing a part of your truth being lived and a path that you wanna be on, that you see someone else live and not yours.

So notice if you are judging, notice if you are triggered that. This is actually just a path that you get to continue to work towards, and they’re showing you what is possible. So clear that up with yourself. Clear up your ability to see when you are doing it, celebrate others. Recognize that if someone’s living it, it means it’s possible for you.

And when you hear that inner judger, that inner critic, that inner child show up. Get still, write it out, get present. Love on that version of yourself. And I always love to, just close my eyes for a moment and I. Give her what she needed. If that’s what’s happening, and it’s a reminder that we’re actually safe in this moment, in this present, that’s not actually something that’s occurring, but it is honoring that part of you that experienced that in the past.

So that’s fear of judgment. That’s a big mind trap that gets in our way of going after our truths. The second mind trap is perfection. Perfection. Fuck, perfection, fuck, perfection. Say it out loud with me. Fuck, perfection. Fuck, perfection. It is not real. Where are my perfectionists at? You’re like nodding your head right now.

I’m in recovery or working on this, but how is perfectionism showing up for you when it comes to actualizing your vision? How is perfectionism potentially holding you back from living your truth and taking steps towards it? How is that showing up for you? Maybe you have a. Many like half-baked divisions sitting on your computer desktop or in your Canva, in your Google Drive.

Or maybe you have some drafts in your emails that you’re afraid of sending, or maybe you’re holding yourself back cuz it’s not perfect yet, or you keep signing up for certifications and courses so that you can learn more and do more and become more and credential up before you. Are taken seriously.

Maybe you come up with ideas and new, you create a hundred to-do list items with that new idea, and you put a hundred things on your to-do list, and you know those expectations that you keep setting for yourself. Keep adding up and keep adding up, and you keep doing more and doing more, and you’re waiting until you feel ready.

But let me remind you. That will never happen and perfection doesn’t exist. This perfection piece freezes you and pulls you out of your genius in a way that feels frustrating. This is something that you have probably learned and have used as a way to feel something very specific that being has learned to feel safe in, and this is the feeling that everything has to happen in a certain way or a sequential order for things to go as planned.

But remember that perfection takes you out of your genius because you have to follow this set of rules that may or may not be true, and you’re really just creating this little box for yourself of circumstances. So if you are also a perfectionist and you’re struggling with this and you feel like this is holding you back, the question that you get to ask yourself right now is, how can I simplify?

How can I simplify things? Simplification scales your life. Simplification scales your life and complication contracts your life and perfectionism breeds complication. So how can you let yourself get that much more simple perfection, taunts your genius, perfection, taunts that genius of yours. And when we learn how to release perfection, Life gets to feel more fun.

You get to feel more ease. You get to feel more joy. I went to a pottery class recently with one of my clients and we had the most fun evening. Oh my gosh. Michelle, if you’re listening, I love you. That was so fun. And. Like I had this vision for this perfect little cacao cup that I was gonna create.

And it was not go over to my Instagram, like it was not a cacao cup. I think I went through five different clay pieces or whatever before I made anything that looked even remotely okay, enough to glaze and take home with me, which ended up being like a little jewelry cup. Cuz I had to keep cutting it down.

Anyways, it was very humbling and it was, it was just like, it was just this practice of how you ha I was like, oh, how, this is how I live my life. Okay, we’re rolling with it. We’re cool. We’re not gonna get all caught up on, on expectations or outcomes or attachment to things needing to be perfect.

It really takes the joy out of everything. I loosened my grip literally and had the best time and just, it was just such a practice of remembering that perfectionism is so not a thing. It’s not real. So how could perfectionism be potentially holding you back and how could you also allow a little bit more room for joy in it and yeah, what would it look like if you let go?

If you let go of that need for perfecting. The last one is fear of failure and fear of success, so fear of failure. Who is afraid of failure? Are you afraid of failure? When you’re afraid to fail, your genius inside of you just starts running in the opposite direction. Just starts running in the opposite direction because it’s your role, your genius’s role is to pioneer new ideas.

You’re a visionary. You have the visionary for your life. You’re here to innovate. You’re here to create. You’re here to create an impact, but you can’t do those things without letting yourself fail. You have to let yourself fail. When you are afraid to fail, you limit yourself to what you’re a able to actually desire.

And as we continue to take risk, we create more opportunities for others to be right beside us. The fear of failure might be making you contract, it might be keeping you held in a holding pattern bracing for impact, right? Are you afraid to fail? I think it’s so important that we use failure as a resource.

Failure is one of the most important resources that we can have. It takes us to find new edges of our capacity and our edges are the spaces that continually get to expand. As you let more in. Failure teaches you that fail failing is part of a bigger reason why you are doing what you’re doing.

And we have to give ourselves permission to fail because we learn so much from failure. I had a client I worked with recently who was sharing that, she sat on this idea for a business for years and years, and she was perfecting it behind the scenes and she spent time on the weekends with it, and she was writing the business plan over and over.

Over again. And she’d get to a point, and then she’d start all over and she’d write it again and she’d go into detail. And she had these vision boards and all the things, and this vision that she had was taunting her. And then years later she finally launched it. She finally brought it to life.

And guess what? Once she launched it and brought it to life, she didn’t feel anything with it. It was not what she expected. And had she given herself the ability to play with that earlier, to test it a little bit, to sample it, to bring it to life, she would’ve learned oh, actually this needs to look like this.

This needs to shift. Oh, actually this is how people engaging with it. I thought that was completely different. And so because she didn’t have that testing ground and that sampling of it, it really was left into the interpretation of her mind of how things would play out. And inevitably, she was really let down from that.

So failure is a resource and it’s sometimes one of the best resources that we have, and it’s a space where wise effort. Wisdom is born and created. I have failed so many times and I am so proud, and I celebrate my failures because my failures have contributed to my resiliency. My failures have contributed to my sense of conviction and who I am and my ability to believe in myself faster than my doubts.

So finish this sentence. I could fail and dot, I could fail. And what’s the worst thing that could happen if you fail? Chances are if you walk your way all the way to the worst case scenario, you’ll know that you’re actually okay. But fear of failure, fear is of all kinds, can be our relationship with an unwanted future, but this is hypothetical and it’s all in the mind.

So commitment to failure. Is a commitment to play big. Commitment to play. Big is also a commitment to failure. So write yourself a permission slip that you’re allowed to fail, and failure is gonna give you the ability to figure out something which helps you embody that destination before you even get there.

Then there’s fear of success. So I think so much of us are afraid of success, honestly. It’s the Maryanne Williamson quote. It’s It’s not the fear of being inadequate, it’s the fear that we are powerful beyond measure. And I experienced this a lot in the groups and with the women at the table and the conversations that we have.

It’s like these edges of. I’ve never been there before, so I don’t know what it tastes like. I don’t know what it smells like. I don’t know what it feels like. And so subconsciously we’re resisting it and that’s why that exercise I, I shared at the beginning is so powerful of the acting as if, act as if it’s already happened.

Act as if you already are at the destination. Act as if you already are her. Act as if you’re already living into your vision every day. Write it out as if I am. I have. I already did. It already is true. And that sense of conviction actually helps create stabilization within your body, within your heart, within your mind, that you are readying yourself for it.

You’re studying yourself for it. There’s like a belief that comes into the room when we have that language of I am, I already did, and claiming that vision and spending time with your vision through integration, through daily reflection, all of that. Can really help strengthen and overcome that fear of success.

It’s okay to want big things. It’s okay to want big things. And learning how to trust ourselves in holding those big things comes down to doing the little things, keeping the little promises to yourself, spending time romanticizing your vision for your life. And as we. Keep little promises to ourselves.

That’s really what helps us build that trust, that we can sustain the success that we want. Cause I think a lot of people can become afraid what if I had it? I can get it, but can I hold it right? I can get it, but can I hold it? So those are some of the mind traps. Those are some of the things that kind of get in our way of becoming who we want to become, of living the life that we want to live.

And. The last thing I wanna share about this is like fall in love with the process. Fall in love with the journey because the goalpost keeps moving. There is no finish line. Have you noticed that? There’s no destination. It really isn’t. We’re gonna, especially if you’re committed to playing big, you’re going to keep moving the finish line.

And so I think it’s so key that we have these little celebrations along the way. We learn to arrive at the destination in the moment. Like we’re at the destination right now. Right now you are living a life that some part of you in the past was. Dreamed of being at. It might be your, the home that you’re living in.

It might be your finances. It might be how happy you feel it might be the work that you’re doing, the impact you’re creating, the relationship that you have. There is something that you have today. Today, material objects, like what are the things that a past part of you dreamed of having? So celebrate that you’re at the destination today.

We’re at the destination, right? We’re at the destination. Celebrate that. And that changes the whole quality of our life. I took a Friday off work. I’m at the destination. I had a beautiful vacation with my family. I’m at the destination. New groups have filled with aligned clients. We’re at the destination like, what are the things for you?

We’re at the destination. And take a moment like retraining your mind. I like to take 10 seconds to close my eyes and say that to myself. You’re at the destination. You’re at the destination. You’re at the destination. And it retrains your mind from being on this constant one thing to the next. Never appreciating your progress.

Always in this place of I want more. And that if that is you, that is in the mindset of lack. We are continuing to, when we’re saying I continue to want more, I need more, all of that, we’re never truly appreciating what we have. So we’ll never be fulfilled and we’ll never be happy, and we’ll never have that freedom for ourselves.

So take these small moments, celebrate that you’re at the destination, and fall in love with the process. BIg goals don’t have an expiry date. You can take them off the shelf anytime you can. You know if they’re in alignment with your truth and your vision and they are really important to you. There’s no rush.

There’s no rush. This whole conversation today isn’t about like, Where are you at on your goals? Go eat the world. No, chill own lane. Own lane, own pace. Choose your pace. That feels good, but stay connected to it. Continue to feel into that vision and get really clear on the season that you’re in your life.

What season are you in? Some of us are in a very turbulent season. Some of us are finally on the other side of it and feeling the light like. We’re going to have ebbs and flows. That’s just the way it goes. And not all storms are here to disrupt your life. Some are come to clear your path. That’s a quote I can’t remember who the quote is by, but some storms are here to clear your path.

So if you’re in it right now, can you trust that? This is creating space for you to rebuild something new, maybe something brighter, bolder, more vibrant, and allow yourself to find the joy in it. And then keep moving because as you move, your plan will come to life. Your desires, your visions become more expansive than you could have dreamed.

But continue to trust yourself to take the leap, continue to create space for yourself to come back to the vision that you have for your life, and to believe that it is possible for you. To believe that it is possible for you. Fall in love with the process, fall in love with the person that you are becoming through the process, even in the really tough storms.

Who are you becoming in this? And that destination necessarily isn’t always guaranteed exactly in the way that you thought of it. Sometimes a better one comes about. Sometimes a new path reveals itself. So the best thing that you can do is fall in love with you. And who are you being along the way? What if the process was actually the greatest story that you ever told?

What if the process was the greatest story that you ever told? So love the journey, and if you need to, this is the perfect opportunity for you to write your own playbook, to change it to, burn down the old one if that feels good. But remember that just. It’s yours. It’s yours to edit. It’s yours to calibrate.

It’s yours to shift. And you can do that as much as you’d like. Your success might be asking you to change the playbook for this season. So I think it’s so important to take the time at this moment, this halfway point, to celebrate yourself. To write yourself the letter and to look back and to celebrate everything that you’ve already walked through.

Momentum is created from a place of appreciation and celebration of what got you here. So what got you here? So let’s start there. Partner with your wins so far. Partner with your progress so far to open yourself up for your next level. And that is where the momentum starts to roll from a place of look at everything I’m already standing on top of.

And sometimes, especially when we feel like we’re at a standstill and we’re like, things aren’t moving as fast as we’d like, we have to acknowledge everything we’ve already moved through to create momentum for ourselves. Celebration is a really beautiful part of that. So these are gonna be in your general prompts in the link below, but celebrate I am proud of myself for the thing I didn’t think I could do that I did is.

The impact that my work created is the ripple I was a part of is the mindset shift I overcame is the person that I have become is celebrate that. And then once we’re through the celebration, we do the audit. Is life feeling the way you want it to feel? Are you living your truth? Are you doing work that you wanna be doing?

What may be in your way and what is in your control? That progress starts and the momentum starts when we’re current, when we’re aware on current reality, when we’re really clear, we get to decide with curiosity. Isn’t that interesting? Where do I get to poor tlc? And that helps us get from that frustrated friction point to clear confident action, embodied action forward, and then set your direction.

The vision I am holding for the next six months is, Success in this season feels like the pace I am choosing is, and who am I being in the pursuit? And remember this, fuck goals. I have a vision for my life and I have a whole bunch of ideas about what strategies and goals and past might feel good to pursue, to actualize that vision.

And I reserve the right to edit, optimize, and change my mind if they don’t feel good. So here we are. At the halfway point, the perfect time to edit, I. Am sending so much love to you. And on the other side of this, on the other side of choosing yourself is liberation. It’s freedom, it’s fulfillment.

And six months from now, you could be living a completely different life with one choice. So what’s the choice? What’s the choice? Do you want it or have you decided? Are you convicted? There’s an energetic difference between that. There’s an energetic difference between wanting something and deciding it.

So decide and notice that Halfheartedness Notice if there’s a part of you that just keeps saying you want it, but keeps putting it on the shelf, notice that. The energetic difference between want and decide. It’s easy to say you want it. It’s harder to trust yourself and the ability to pursue it.

It’s harder to let yourself move outside your comfort zone to let yourself be seen in a bigger way. It’s harder to comprehend what’s possible outside of what you currently know, what you’re currently experiencing. But desire alone that want alone doesn’t actually create anything and want is coming from a place of lack.

So could you instead turn on your emotional conviction? Could you turn up your devotion? Could you turn up your deline? And that place, that’s a beautiful space where devotion and discipline meet is where the masculine doing energy is really fed by the feminine being energy. dO you want it or have you decided, I want you to turn on the part of you that believes I will stop at nothing.

And your desire is being asked to turn towards embodied action. So are you aligned with your truth? Decide. It’s gotta be a fuck? Yes. Or it’s a no. So get specific and careful about what you’re saying yes to. This is an invitation to enrich your palate, to get deeper in connection with your truth, to raise your standards, to set some boundaries, and to choose yourself.

So here we are, my friend, right? Be in the energy of dear me, in six months, I will make you so fucking proud and let’s begin. I’ve linked some links in the show notes below for you. I’ve put together a few little journal prompts for you, so I hope those are supportive. Carve out some zen space some time just for you to dive in and do your halftime reflection and reset and cast the vision.

Tag me on social. I would love that. And take a moment to give this podcast a like and a comment. It really helps me. To bring this conversation to more people that need this, so that is so appreciative. Of you and as we are halfway through the year the, my current client roster is full. I am working with some really amazing people and they, that is all feeling so, so good.

And then I’m working on some things behind the scenes for fall. And so the best thing to do if you would like to work with me and be a part of my community, my groups, my year-long journey. And walk with me shoulder to shoulder. To your next evolution, the best thing to do is to follow the link in the show notes for an application to join a group or an application for private mentorship.

And if you would like to come say hello on Instagram and just start a conversation and understand a little bit more about what I do, I would love to hear from you and I would definitely love to see your vision. And I would definitely love to know what is sparking your match for this. Second half of the year I’m sending so, so much love to you my friend.

And here’s to an amazing second half. Here’s to letting the momentum roll and here’s to aligning with your truth. All love. I’ll see you next time.

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