Bringing Your Values to Life: Transforming Company Culture from Words to Actions

Written by Mandy Balak You know your values, but how ALIVE are they in the day to day experience of your business? Company values are often relegated to a few lines in the employee handbook or displayed on the office walls. But what if these values could be more than mere words? What if they […]

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5 Feel-Good Rituals That Every CEO Should Know

Written by Mandy Balak Leadership is a challenging and expansive experience. Over the last 15+ years in leadership roles — running my own business and teams as a CEO, sitting at the leadership table inside organizations, or working alongside teams as a Leadership Coach, I’ve learned that practice and consistency are key when it comes […]

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Refueling Your Energy Tank

Written by Mandy Balak Incorporating Mini Energy Transitions and Breaks into Your Day as a Woman Entrepreneur will help you manage your energy and feel more engaged with your work. As a multi-passionate women entrepreneur, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle of everyday life. You’re probably juggling several titles and roles, responsible […]

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5 Feel-Good Rituals That Every CEO Should Know

Being a leader is the ultimate personal growth journey — leading people means more relationships and more relationships mean more mirrors. That’s why it’s so important as a leader you keep your cup full, prioritize time for yourself, and continue to invest in your growth and development.

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Refueling Your Energy Tank

Our ambition and drive can be both our greatest asset and our biggest downfall if we don’t take the time to manage our energy wisely.

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