Join our 3-week immersive training to master facilitation
and public speaking.

Gain practical tools to elevate your impact with clients,
groups, or teams.

This program blends intimacy, connection, and expert facilitation techniques, empowering you to command any stage, livestream, or room confidently.

Are you a coach, facilitator, or emerging leader ready to step up and lead
with unwavering confidence?

If you've ever felt:

Why This Training? 

You have a powerful message inside, but struggle to express it.

You possess a unique gift, yet hesitate to share it fully.

You aspire to captivate your audience, but doubt your message's impact.
Then, you're in the right place. This training is your stepping stone to not just speak but to inspire and to not just facilitate but to transform. 

Virtual and In-Person Immersion:

Enjoy the flexibility of four online sessions coupled with an intimate two-day retreat in the breathtaking Canmore, AB, running from March 15th to April 6th, 2024.



Mastery Over Your Presence:

Confidence Through Strategy:

Learn not only to speak but to speak with conviction. Discover strategies that embolden your voice, ensuring you never hesitate to share your insights and gifts.

Embodied Learning:

Tapping into somatic practices and energetic guidance throughout this journey will ensure that your teaching and speaking come from a place of true embodiment and presence.

We’ll guide you in finding your unique voice, enabling you to communicate your truth, beliefs, and values without second-guessing your magic.

Learn to command any room and any stage, from small group settings to large audiences, virtually or in-person, with grace and authority.

Uncover the art of facilitation that goes beyond the basics – learn to deliver breakthroughs, hold space effectively, plan your coaching and group sessions and pose the right questions that create intimacy, connection and transformation.

Unlock Your Authentic Voice: 
Facilitation Excellence:

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Step into a room that amplifies your voice and magic. Embrace the opportunity to go all in with your willingness to serve and create impact. Develop not just your voice, but a presence that’s both grounded and expressive. 

 Are you ready to unlock your voice and share your gift with confidence? 

This experience will not just prepare you but transform you into the facilitator, speaker and leader you’ve always aspired to be. This is a room that will help you go all in with your voice, your magic and to step into it, fully. 

This Is Your Call to Be Seen

Unlock Your
Own Your


Let’s Dive in. 


Sure, let's craft answers to these FAQs that are concise, informative, and engaging:

Who is this for? 

This training is designed for a wide range of participants, including:

- Aspiring Coaches: If you're just stepping into the world of coaching and looking to build a strong foundation.
- Seasoned Coaches: For experienced coaches aiming to deepen their practice and take their skills to the next level.
- Emerging Leaders: Individuals stepping into leadership roles and seeking to lead with confidence and authenticity.
- Anyone Seeking Confidence and Authenticity: If you wish to enhance your ability to show up genuinely, whether in speaking, communicating virtually, or in-person—on stage or during live streams.

Our program is tailored to support you, no matter where you are on your journey, in developing the confidence and skills to express your unique voice and presence.

Do I need previous experience? 

Not at all! Our training is accessible to individuals at all levels of experience, from complete beginners to advanced practitioners. We've crafted our curriculum to ensure that everyone, regardless of their background, finds value and transformation through our program. We welcome you with open arms into our community where growth and learning are tailored to meet you where you are.

What if I can’t attend the live sessions? 

The schedule for the sessions is as follows:

Pre-work launches March 17th ( self-study )

Tuesday, March 19th 7 pm - 8:30 pm Breathwork
Tuesday, March 26th 7 pm - 8:30 pm Virtual
Tuesday, April 2nd 7 pm - 8:30 pm Virtual
Saturday, April 6th 12 pm - 2 pm Virtual 

We highly recommend attending the live sessions to experience the full depth of transformation our program offers, especially since our work deeply involves intimacy, including partner and group activities. However, we understand that life happens. Therefore, all live classes will be recorded and uploaded into your course portal, allowing you to catch up at your own pace.

Please note, the in-person event is a crucial component of our training, designed to cement your learning and growth through immersive experiences. While we encourage physical attendance, we understand circumstances may not always allow for this, and virtual attendance options can be arranged as necessary to ensure you don't miss out on this transformative experience.


Meet Mandy. Leadership Guide
& Heart-Driven CEO


Mandy is a seasoned Founder, CEO and Executive Coach passionate about the human side of business. She's pioneered many ventures in the women's business space, guiding more than 15,000 women in leadership to become their best selves.

Mandy created The Well ( formerly The ACE Collective ) originally as a place for women to come together to share wisdom, experiences and let their guard down. Mandy was searching for a space like this after her toughest season, the loss of a business and, the loss of her father. She found it challenging to be real with the people in her current circle, so she created what she was longing for. In 2017 she created a brunch experience that sparked a movement across Canada that impacted thousands of women.

In 2021, she reached a breaking point that brought her to a breakdown that changed it all. After a mini sabbatical, she reclaimed her life, wrote a book and took a sharp right turn with her business. Her vision expanded and her niche narrowed, dedicating herself to helping other high-achieving professional women overcome business burnout. 

Today, The Well is a private network that is helping to shape a new era of business —where women are choosing their well-being and expressing their truth, re-writing the narrative on what 'success'
and fulfillment really mean. 

This community represents the intersection between personal evolution and business success. Mandy and our team of Expert Facilitators guide women who are committed to becoming their best self through exploring childhood experiences, energetics and boundary work to heal conditioned and habitual patterns that are impacting your work, relationship to yourself and life, to build strategies for freedom and fulfillment that are aligned with your most expressed, authentic self. 

The Well offers a private and confidential network, a proven path to awakening, retreats and Mastermind Groups.