October 12, 2023

Reinventing Yourself and Redefining Your Next Era in Life and Business

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Reinventing Yourself and Redefining Your Next Era in Life and Business

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It is the end of September and I don’t know about you, but September, I haven’t found my groove quite yet. This elusive routine and rhythm and thing that is supposed to come with September definitely hasn’t shown up for me.

In fact, September has been a reminder. It’s been such a reminder and such a teacher in surrender. And I began this month I was away. I was facilitating a client retreat in Toronto, and then I came home and got wiped out sick with a cold. And so that sense of routine definitely never came.

I remember like when I sat down I was like, okay, we’re gonna start all the things we’re initiating. We’re bringing things to life. I was so excited to get things to you quicker and then there was other plans in store for me. It’s a reminder that sometimes we set expectations for ourselves that we actually have no control over and it gets to just be okay.

It just what it is. I was in the room last week with a group of women. I had 50 women at one of my events last week and I know there was a lot of head nods too. So I’m sure you’re feeling that as well. Sometimes the feeling is like Milo DeCyrus showed up and came in with a wrecking ball this month.

But this is an opportunity always to reset. September can feel like New Year’s. It can feel like the excitement about getting things back to normal or whatever that means for you. And then just the realization that it often comes in and there’s a lot so we got to meet ourselves where we’re at always and just laugh it off and do what you can and rest when you need and listen to your body and that’s all we can really do.

This cold has been hanging on for a couple of weeks for me, but I’m finally feeling better and I hope wherever this finds you, you are also feeling well. I loved having the opportunity to sit in the room with so many amazing leaders and entrepreneurs on a mission this past week.

And the conversation at the table was all about reinvention. And so I wanted to bring that conversation here because I think it’s a big one. Like I’m really feeling like so many of us are in this season of reinvention. Massive change. Maybe you’re reaching into your closet and you’re like, do I, who is this person?

How do I dress? Should I get bangs? Some of us are feeling that way. Some of us are thinking about different types of transformation. I want to burn it all down and go live on a beach or what I’m hearing in the room lately is big business shifts like new revenue models or bold new initiatives or Personal reinventions moving on from relationships.

I think relationships right now are being very impacted because so many of us have been through such a personal evolution over the last couple of years, and whether it’s a working partnership or an intimate relationship. Not all of us have been on the same page and that can really bring to life. You know having to make decisions about moving on or moving forward or just recognizing that there are seasons and reasons and lifetimes and some of the people in our lives are here to learn from and to grow from and some of them will be here for the long run.

It’s a time of transition for all of us and I think that there is a deep desire. I’m feeling this deep desire for a new way, a new pace. And yet some of us are still trying to hold up a world that no longer fits us or trying to squeeze ourselves into old places no longer for us. I wanted to bring the theme of reinvention to the table today because I think that sometimes we can judge ourselves or be hard on ourselves or feel bad or feel guilty for wanting something new.

We are, especially in business, sometimes it’s be grateful for what you have or, but, every couple of years we can get this feeling like, is this it? And I think it’s important we talk about that. I want to ask you first before we get started, really what feelings come up for you when you hear the word reinvention in this season for you right now, how does that land for you?

What do you feel? What comes up for you when you hear the word reinvention? When you think about a new era, what does that mean for you? Some of the women in the room this weekend, they shared with me, reinvention is exciting. It’s an opportunity. It’s, some people have said I’ve reinvented myself so many times.

Some people said, it can feel a little bit scary. It can feel a little bit like leaving your comfort zone. It can feel a little bit unsettling. And What I really heard in the room and what I know many of us are experiencing is this duality of reinvention. And some of us are experiencing this level of friction of the things that used to work are no longer working.

And that could be how you’re doing business. It could be your messaging. It could be the clients that you’re working with. It could be the business model like, and there could be so many ways in which it’s no longer working for you, especially if you are, have been through a massive personal evolution. If your business hasn’t caught up to it, there can be a lack of congruency there.

And then that can leave you feeling a little bit frustrated. And so that frustration is a sign and it’s a clue that it’s an opportunity to look and say, okay, how do I get to shift things? And for some of us that’s like fully letting go for some of us that’s, this is no longer workable.

And for some of us it’s going to be small little shifts and changes. And so I want to invite you to really think about what that looks like for you. For myself personally, the last couple of years have really challenged me to think about how my business is different, how I want to do business different, how I want to support people to build their businesses differently as well.

And I’ve been in this game a long time. I’ve been an entrepreneur for a long time. And when I think back to how I originally built this business, built this particular community or my original business, 12 years ago, it was through pounding pavement. It was through hustle. It was through pushing through.

And the original courage for me in business was about how much more I can do and how fast I could build and almost this prove it energy, watch me and not in a healthy way at all. And I remember I, I remember what it was like when I first had the vision for this business and it started through a brunch series.

And I remember sitting at dinner and being told that I couldn’t. Take this across the country and I said, watch me and I went and I did it and within six months I had launched the business in six separate cities and I did that and to me at that time there was almost like something to prove and while my mission was pure and what I wanted to create was pure.

And I remember sitting at dinner and being told that I couldn’t. Take this across the country and I said, watch me and I went and I did it and within six months I had launched the business in six separate cities and I did that and to me at that time there was almost like something to prove and while my mission was pure and what I wanted to create was pure.

Behind the scenes, that really killed me and it was really hard for me and some of the stories that I’ve shared publicly have been, about the hustle of all of that, but some of the stories that I have not shared publicly have been what I was also experiencing behind the scenes and that was navigating the grief of my father’s passing and I, instead of feeling the feelings, instead of letting myself process and move through that, I was numbing through work and the energy that, I said, okay, I’m going to do this and do more was really helping me run from what was going on for me.

If I were to go back and do it all over again, I don’t really like Doing redos. I don’t really like playing that game I think that the decisions that I made the best decisions that I could at the time and I You know, there was a part of me that needed to build to survive and now I know better and now what courage looks like for me is not like how much more I can do or how much more I can prove to you or how much faster.

I can build it. It’s the opposite. Now it’s been about who I am, what I stand for. And the courage for me over the last couple of years has actually been in doing way less being my own best client, letting go. I sold a business. I released parts of my business model that required me to show up in a way that wasn’t healthy.

And if I were to summarize my journey over the last couple of years, 2020 was the everything changed meltdown moment. 2021 was the rock bottom moment. 2022, the commitment was to be my own best client. And in 2023, I’m ushering in a new era. And that era is one that I’m calling the well resourced woman.

So I’ll share a little bit more about that in a bit. But. That personal evolution for me and that reinvention for me along the way required a lot of courage. It required a lot of courage. It required a lot of self trust. And I know many of us are sitting there right now, and some of us are standing in the middle of it.

Like we’re stuck in the two worlds of, we know it’s not working. We know we want to do it a different way, but. We aren’t sure 100 percent of how to move forward and there might be some things in the way, it might be what will people think, maybe people won’t understand and I totally understand that.

I’ve definitely felt that way too and I know how heavy that can stick. It’s almost as if we’re standing at this doorway right now and you’re standing at the door and the door is wide open. It’s wide open to new opportunities. And all you need to do is walk through the door. A new way of taking action awaits you.

You’re being invited to take action in a new way, and all you gotta step, you gotta do is step through the door. But there is resistance, and some of you are questioning what will happen next. For me, I’ve had to… Really look at this decision for myself, the safer thing would have been to stay, it would have been to stay comfortable.

It would have been to stay in the business. It would have been to continue serving people the way that I was, it would be to not disrupt my existing business. But I knew if I stayed in the exact same place that I might die there. And I wasn’t willing to do that. So I took a risk. I took a risk. And I feel like we’re being invited to take a risk right now to stand and choose ourselves.

So if you choose to walk through the door, you’re also choosing to become someone new. And who could that be? Who would you be if you were the woman that Met that resistance. Who would you be if you were the woman that choose chose the courage? Who were you who would you be if you are the woman that took a stand for your vitality for your values?

And I think sometimes we can get stuck in places that allow us to be complacent, that allow us to be comfortable, that allow us to, just not ruffle any feathers and keep doing things the same. It’s really easy to do that. And it’s also easy to go back to places that allow you to feel comfortable, that allow you to feel safe.

I did that earlier this year. I went. back into places that I had already decided in myself, I’m like, I’m not going there anymore. We’re not doing that anymore. And I went back there because there was a part of me that was like I had fun there before. It’s like when you have an ex boyfriend and Full well, like there were good reasons why you ended that relationship, but then you get a text one day and you’re like, we’ll go try that out and then you go down that path again and it’s just that reminder of no actually so sometimes we have to go back down those paths that to remind ourselves again That is not for us.

I like to call these pass through moments and these pass through moments are like we have these moments where we’re tempted to go back into the past or we have these moments when past versions of us show up and they That They invite us, they tempt us to go back down our old paths. But what they’re actually doing is they’re here to remind you of your growth.

They’re here to remind you of your evolution and we need to let them pass through. Let them pass through. I’m a Taurus. I am a fixed energy. I am loyal through and through. And so this is something I definitely experienced in my life over and over again. Is, just really making sure that I have exhausted all of my efforts with something.

I’ve given it all I got before I really unhook myself. And that’s been the season that I have, I’ve definitely just walked through is making really sure that the courage that I’m standing for now is really aligned with the new version of me. What that looked like also was letting go of a brand.

Some of you have been following along on the show since the beginning. I love you so much. You’ve been to the first brunches and you know that the brand has been through a lot of evolution. Previously the ace class than the ace collective this podcast has, it started as ace talks.

It’s been your next level and now we are the well and I Really had to sit in the question of why am I letting this go? Why would I let something go that? That I love so much and I looked at it and I said, how can I keep the parts of it that I love? How can I keep the parts of it that make me feel alive?

How can I keep the parts of it that are working and how can I release the parts of it that are no longer for me for? A few years now, I have felt like I was squeezing myself into a box that I just no longer fit in. I was trying to, I was back in that convincing energy that I was feeling about, I could do this could be this.

And I was trying to make something of. The brand instead of asking myself, but what do I want? Does that resonate with you? Have you ever looked at a situation, whether it be a business, whether it be a relationship, something you have and say, what can I make of this? And then you try and squeeze yourself into all the different positions and all the different things.

And then you’re just, it just. Doesn’t fit anymore. And so I recently fully committed to the letting go of the name, they is collective, and I kept everything inside of it that I love the most. And so I’m going to continue to build amazing experiences. I’m going to continue to be supporting women at my table in my groups.

I’m going to continue to build retreats. I’m going to continue to be a coach and a community leader and lead a community. But. I needed to do it in a way that represented this next evolution of me and my personal evolution. My mission has expanded over the years. My vision has expanded over the years.

And I don’t want to feel like I’m trying to squeeze myself back into any place. I actually want to pioneer a new way. And in order to do that, I needed to create space and I needed to let go this weekend. I invited a room full of women to also make some declarations about what they wanted to let go of.

And we had a really powerful conversation about do we need to fully burn it down or can we reinvent it? And Thanks. Thanks. Not a day goes by when I don’t hear someone in business say, I want to burn it down. I want to burn my business down. And I challenge that. And I really do challenge that because sure, there are some seasons where you absolutely there’s no better choice than to completely let go and to completely burn something down.

I fully believe, if you’ve. Given it all you got and you are, let’s say in the red for over a year, things like that. Like those are really good clues that it’s time to let it down or, just, it’s just not clicking and you’re just not feeling it. Absolutely. Let’s have a conversation about that.

But if you feel deeply in purpose. If you know you’re solving a problem, if you, if there’s something there, then it might be as simple as looking at the reasons why you’re feeling that way and starting there and saying, how can we reinvent, how can we recalibrate, how can we reset, how can we raise the energy and the reciprocation that you’re feeling from your business so that we can make sure that you feel connected and alive in your mission?

How can we do that? How can we start there? I see a lot of, panic pivots or frustrated moments and then a letting go. And it’s also, I’ll give you another relationship example, but if you’ve ever been in a relationship and broken up with someone because you’re just frustrated that, maybe it’s, You’re not getting treated the way that you want to be treated or communication isn’t great or, pick a reason.

And then you let go of that relationship and you move on to another relationship only to find that same thing is happening. Sometimes when we want to run, burn down our businesses, it’s almost like we’re running from the work and we can only run for so long before that. Catches up with us. And so my invitation to, to really reflect on is what is it that makes you want to burn it down?

Or what is it that you’re causing or that you’re experiencing resistance from in your business? There’s a couple of reasons that I see often at the table that I’m going to invite you to reflect on. And one of them is. The financials don’t match the effort. So if you’re putting tons of hours in, if you are working endlessly, if the bank account doesn’t reflect how much time, energy, and commitment that you’re putting into your business.

Then you’re going to feel pretty resentful probably of it, you’re going to wonder why you do it. You might daydream about selling it all and moving to the beach and selling pineapples in Maui. I’ve been there before. I’ve definitely had those thoughts before. Are you even an entrepreneur if you haven’t had those thoughts, but that’s also an invitation to say, okay, how can I impact the finances?

How can I take financial leadership? How can I recalibrate by business model? How can I make this feel reciprocal? How, what would it look like? What’s the money I need to make to have more help and support? What does that look like? And those big questions allow us to say what’s possible with what you’ve already built and what you already have.

And we can do that. Those are big questions. And I’ve seen the impact of asking those questions in how women feel about their businesses. The second thing that causes that burn it down energy and the reason you might want to distance yourself from your business or dream about letting it go is when your business doesn’t honor.

Your strengths and your gifts. So if you have no time connected to the why of why you started your business, if you’re not connected to the thing that ignites you the most, for some of us, that’s being really connected to our people. For some, it’s clients for some. It’s. Seeing the impact of our work or bringing ideas to life.

For some of us, it’s creativity. For some of us, it’s strategy. For some of us, it’s being able to innovate products, whatever that is for you. What’s the original thing that had you ignited about your business, the why behind you started, if that’s not present every day, and you are just. In the busy work, then you might be feeling that.

So how do we look at that and say, okay how can we prioritize more of your time to get into the work that lights you up? How do we look at what your strengths and gifts are and say, how do we leverage them? How do we leverage them? So those are some powerful questions to be able to ask. And then the last thing that I want to share and one of the things that I see is when someone doesn’t have resonance with their business, when they don’t have resonance with the message, when they don’t have.

Resonance with the values or what the business stands for. It’s really hard to have your heart in it. It’s really hard to do what is required of business because let’s be honest, like business is not always easy and we didn’t sign up for it to be easy, but choose your hard running a business that you don’t have resonance with that doesn’t pay you and one that doesn’t honor your strengths and gifts.

That is really. That’s much harder, right? So how can you find resonance? And this part is generally where the reinvention begins. What could it look like to reinvent that for yourself? For me, what I did when, when I asked myself the questions, What would it look like to reinvent this? What would it look like if I got to start over?

What if I had the canvas? I could check the box that I was deeply in purpose. I could check the box that this is absolutely the work that I love doing. These are the women I love working with. These are the leaders, the entrepreneurs, the change makers. I love that. I don’t want that to change, but I want the mission to I want the mission to get me out of bed in the morning.

My original mission for this community was a world where women thrive together. I wrote that back in 2017 and I think that mission was complete. Back then we were in the time of the Me Too era. It was not common that a group of women would be in a room together and recognize that there was room at the table for more than one of us.

Women support each other now. And I can tell you firsthand the types and the quality of women relationships that I’ve built in my life over the last five years, opening myself up to that, I feel it. I’ve experienced it. And I didn’t have resonance with that anymore. And I wanted to… Take on a new mission.

And that’s the mission of the well resourced woman. That’s the mission of ensuring that your mission expands you. Like I want women entrepreneurs and leaders to feel fucking alive in their life. I said, The brunch this weekend. I said, I feel like that’s a harder mission because business is hard and it’s we wear so many expectations and so many roles and so many things that it’s not just business, but it’s also how do we.

How do we ensure we have a business that’s running and also get to stay in ease? We get to stay in harmony. We get to prioritize our well being. The well resourced woman isn’t running from a deficit. She is present to her service and she’s present to her power. And so that resonates with me as something I want to work towards building for all of us.

And I share that with you because I want you to think about how could you reinvent your work instead? How could you reset? How could you recalibrate? Business is the long game. Reinvention is really just a part. Of all of it, if you put your hand up to be in business, if you put your hand up to be an entrepreneur, you also get to understand that reinvention is a part of the game.

Your first business won’t be your last, it is the long game and reinvention is something that you get to do. you get to do. So how do you keep yourself excited as you evolve as a human and you evolve in business? If we grow and evolve and don’t calibrate what’s happening in the business, then there’s that frustration and resistance point.

So listen to your intuition and do what is necessary to feel congruent. To feel congruent. I am right now. We’re coming as we’re coming into the season moving some plants and pots around and in the house. And there’s one plant that is totally thriving. Like my goal of six. My vision of success at the beginning of the year was that I can keep plants alive.

And let’s be honest, my husband deserves the award for keeping the plants alive, but I digress. This one plant at the front of our house is totally thriving. It’s bursting out of the pot and the, the arms of the plant are going this way and that way, and it’s lush and it’s beautiful and.

This plant has so much more opportunity and so much potential to grow and get bigger, but it can no longer stay in the environment that it’s in. It can’t live and survive and thrive in the pot that it’s in. And We’re going to get another pot and we’re going to turn that plant into two pots and that’s going to give it the opportunity to really grow its roots and spread out and create space for itself to thrive.

And I feel like that’s something that we need to give to ourselves as well is sometimes we’ve just grown out of our pot. We’ve expanded to the edge of what the environment that we’re in can sustain and it’s just time to get a new pot and that’s it. And sometimes we can feel frustrated that where we’ve outgrown our current environment or we can feel bad about it.

But really, if we give ourselves the space and the new environment to spread out, then we get to thrive in a new way. We get to see who we get to become on the other side of it. We get to explore new possibilities, right? So I know many of us have come up against new definitions of success. We are considering our beliefs, our ways of being, our desires differently.

And sometimes we just need a new pot. We just need a new pot.

So I want to leave you with this thought. You’re standing at the edge of your doorway and the door is swung open and you are being invited to take action in a new. way. All this opportunity is waiting for you. What does that courage look like for you? What does that decision look like for you? Where do you need to Be courageous for what you stand for.

Where do you maybe need to uproot yourself and get a new pot and Who would you get to become if you took that leap and if you took that step forward? Who do you get to become on the other side of that? Who is that woman? And when we Trust ourselves to take that step forward when we trust ourselves to take that leap when we do that we build our self leadership We build more self trust we build more capacity to do big things and That level of self trust also, when we meet resistance in the future we know, like we can meet it from a soft place, from a place of, I know I’ve been through hard things before, I know I can continue to move hard things, I remember the last time I took the leap through the door, I remember the last time I had the courage, I remember that, and I was greeted on the other side, I was rewarded on the other side with more harmony.

In my life, it’s not easy, it’s not easy to take those steps, but the difference maker between where you are right now and where you know you want to be and what you know you want more of, the difference maker between those two places is courage and these ingredient for that is self trust.

What energy will you create the future with? What energy will you create the future with the key to your reinvention and fully stepping into that next era of you to fully commit to your path, to commit to that reinvention, it’s going to take some visioning and I. Witness in others, this getting stuck in what’s present or getting stuck in the old or going back into old ways or tolerating things for too long is because there’s a lack of vision of what’s possible.

There’s a lack of vision of what is possible. And what I mean by that is. We can often get in this place of, I’m not here yet or even creating excuses or excuses of why we’re not here yet, excuses of whether that’s around, I’m not ready yet, or what would people think or

but I instead want you to think about really dreaming up that next level identity. Like how are you being called to lead? Who do you want to be? We’re moving from the doing into the being, and the more time that you spend with that ideal version of yourself, romanticizing her, creating space for her, the more time that you have a vision of what that could look like, and that It’s a possibility it’s not someone that maybe you can step in tomorrow, step into tomorrow, but you could take small steps towards her every day.

I’ve shared back in past episodes my vision for myself and back in my reintroduction episode, if you want to hear more about that and that process for myself, it was choosing three words, and that was power, presence, and radiance. ideal version of myself, my most expressed, most expansive version. She is powerful, she is present, and she is radiant.

And I spent time with that vision every single morning. I still do. It’s a post it on my mirror. And when I recognize that possibility is available for me, I show up differently. I initiate differently. I set up my day differently. I make decisions differently. And so I share that with you again today to remind you that you get to decide and you get to step into her one day at a time.

You get to reinvent to meet her and trust that if you take that step through the door, if you take action in that new way, like that future, you Is inviting you to do, you could have an entirely new life and it’s going to feel different and at first it won’t be comfortable and it’s going to call on your courage.

It could be everything that you’ve ever wanted and more there are almost just less than 100 days left of 2023 as I record this and I share that with you not to spark any pushing through or any. Thoughts around, what you haven’t done yet. I instead want to share this from a place of what’s possible, what would be possible in these next 12 weeks of the year?

What would be possible? What’s the most meaningful use of your time? Instead of thinking about what you haven’t done, maybe think about. What is, what do you want to do? What would be the most meaningful for you in this season? What would it look like to close this season with focus and intention? And you can move a lot in 12 weeks.

You can let go of a lot in 12 weeks. And there is a lot of possibility ahead for all of us. It’s a really exciting time. I feel because many of us are, we’re tearing things down. We’re creating space for the new and we’re reinventing and we get to do it together. What I see for all of us is that we hold ourselves to the highest standard as business women and leaders of our lives.

I see that we make the money we want from our work, we do it with intention, we do it with purpose, and we do it with joy. And if you want that too, if you want mentorship from someone like me who’s been there, who’s done that, who’s been through a lot of seasons in business, who’s built, who’s acquired, who’s scaled over and over again.

There are three ways for us to work together in this season and you can find all the links that I’m talking about in the show notes. The first is Elevate. I am opening the doors to my yearlong group coaching program that begins next month just in the perfect time to really close out this year with intention.

This is for you if you know you want to expand and elevate your results in business and in life alongside a community of other women. There is a learning framework as well as group coaching calls. It is really support in business and life and it is amazing. I’ve had this group running for four years.

I support 40 women in this capacity right now and I’m creating space for six more women to join. And the types of results that you get inside this program are anything from revenue generation. I have women that have doubled and tripled her revenue inside this program. They’ve been a part of the group for two or three years at this point because they continue to see those types of results to women who are now setting out of offices and going away or taking mat leave while growing their business.

Like it’s. Amazing the results that I see. So elevate is there’s an opportunity to join that room. You can find the application in the show notes below. The second is my mastermind group. And this is the well women’s group. This is The group that is for higher level seasoned leaders who are looking for less coaching and how to’s, but more about a supportive community, more about experience shares, more about wisdom.

And this is a, there’s a retreat included in this experience and monthly gatherings. And this is a really expansive group that brings together women that are in the seven and eight figure businesses. The third is private mentorship and I have two spots that are going to be opening up in November So later this quarter and those are going to be for ongoing coaching or VIP days.

I do deep dive intensive days Those are for people that don’t really want the ongoing commitment, but they just want someone that they can strategize with and work through some big shifts and big decisions in their business. And I have a lot of people that really love starting to work together in this capacity because it allows us to go deep, go really focused.

You walk out of the experience with a road map in your hand and then you go take action on that. We do an integration call and this is, that’s for someone that’s really like accountable and they just really need someone to help make those big decisions with and clarify a strategy. Yeah. Thank you. So all those links will be in the show notes for you, and I am so grateful for your time, for your energy today, and I just want to.

Regroup on everything that we shared, we talked about the power of reinvention. We talked about looking at The doorway and asking ourselves what the courage is in this next era in this next chapter and I want to remind you that reinvention can both be big And bold, and it can also be subtle.

And those subtle shifts sometimes make the biggest difference. So what is calling you for reinvention in your life? Is it your routines? Is it your relationships? Is it your business? Is it your business model? Remember that committing to business, putting your hand up to be a change maker means you are also committed to the long game.

I am celebrating you. I’m rooting for you. This is your daily reminder that you are worthy and you are capable. I’ll see you next time.

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