October 14, 2023

Unlock Your Creativity

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Unlock Your Creativity

The 3 most important roles for a ceo to know

Do less, lead more.

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Are you an entrepreneur or visionary who’s juggling a hundred tasks and struggling to find time for your creative pursuits? If your creative well is feeling tapped, you’re not alone. Many of us feel overwhelmed with endless to-do lists and find it challenging to squeeze creativity into our busy lives. But here’s the key – prioritize creativity first, and watch your innovative power soar.

Here’s what I’ve learned about creativity 

It’s one of our most important currencies of life — needed for innovation, EXPRESSION, problem solving, strategy and communication and, I’ve noticed that there’s an expectation that it will just always be there to pull form and, it should always deliver.

Like any relationship, creativity needs nurturing. 

So that when you need it, those creative well-springs are abundant and full.

Creativity without expectation of anything but joy is the art of letting go and surrender — when you can learn to release the limitations of perfectionism and tap into your inner creator you can find a pathway to freedom, expression and PLAY 🎨🌈💃

When I was a kid, my greatest expression was through art, a paint brush, pencils, it didn’t matter, I loved to create.

Somewhere along the way someone told me I could never monetize my art so, over the years, I let this drop to the bottom of my priority list and focused on building my business instead…

… Business IS ART

… Leadership is Expression

… Life is Creativity

Now, I feel most free when I let myself create, simply for the joy of it ❤️

When is the last time you let yourself be creative, without the expectation of a result?

Why Prioritize Creativity?

As business leaders, creativity is our lifeline. It’s what helps us innovate, solve problems, and stand out in the crowd. But when our plates are overflowing and we’re drained, it’s easy to push creative work to the bottom of the list focusing more on the latest fire to put out.

But/And, creativity is what will help you solve your business challenges with more clarity and confidence and, bring more enjoyment to your day. This is why it’s crucial to flip the script and make creativity a priority.

For years, I have had a time block in my calendar for ‘Creativity’ … while my over-achieving, over functioning self felt pretty proud of myself for this, the truth is I was never really successful with squeezing my creativity into that block. Now, I do my best to give myself more spaciousness with creativity and, I put it first in the day and pair it with a movement session to get out of the busy chatter of my mind and into my body.

You’ve probably heard of ‘ Eat the Frog First ‘ and old productivity principle on doing the hardest thing first, well this works in some seasons but in my experience when everything feels hard and business is sucking the life out of you, rearranging the creative blocks actually help create more vitality, energy and momentum to do the big, hard things.

Actionable Recommendations:

  1. Morning Creativity Ritual: Start your day with a morning movement session. Grab a blank notebook and set a specific theme or challenge you want to address. This dynamic approach gets your creative juices flowing naturally, as opposed to just time-blocking “be creative.” The key is to set up your environment for creativity, and this ritual helps you do just that.

    BONUS, add movement.

    My Favourite sweat sessions to unlock a powerful creative session…

    Rare Method a somatic-informed mind, movement & breath practices
    to restore your inner-authority and present state.

  2. Fresh Environment: Sometimes, all it takes to spark creativity is a change of scenery. Don’t be afraid to step out of your usual workspace. Whether it’s a cozy coffee shop, a park bench, or your favourite room at home, a fresh space can inspire fresh ideas. Have an abundance of time? Hit the road and drive to your favourite inspiring destination. For me, that’s the mountains!

    BONUS, clear your space. CLUTTER is the killer of creativity.
  3. Prioritize Creativity in Your Schedule: Treat your creative time as non-negotiable. Block it off in your calendar just like any other important meeting… just give yourself the gift of a warm up; movement, breathwork, meditation or painting/drawing to properly transition into creative flow.
    This sends a clear message to yourself and others that creativity is a top priority.

    When you prioritize your creativity more often, you’ll find you have more of it.
  4. Quiet the Noise: If you’re feeling overwhelmed with thoughts, ideas, and endless things to do and are struggling to focus, I recommend taking a break from consumption. That means pausing podcasts, books and audios so that you can tune into your own inner voice. If you’re constantly plugging into what other people are thinking, it’s hard to hear your own intuition. There are seasons for learning and there are seasons for integrating and being quiet. If you’re brain is busy, put the book down, it will help you tap into your own creative flow.

    You are a creator, prioritize your creativity.

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